gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg

  • Beginnings

    The beginnings

    In May 2012, the '1741' (in reference to the year in which Strasbourg's Palais Rohan, a symbol of flourishing French architecture and the noble art of living of the 18th century, was completed) saw the light of day, in a secluded, refined and feminine setting, which recalls the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment.

    For the owner Cédric Moulot, "There is something about this establishment that is magical, enchanting and, above all, unique.

    All the passion of our professions and French know-how are brought together in this little jewel, which perfectly reflects the age of monarchy in Strasbourg.

  • A luxury establishment

    A luxury establishment 'à la française'

    Located in the historical centre of Strasbourg, and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the restaurant 1741 is a haven of French refinement and elegance that offers a superb gourmet experience.

    This exceptional experience extends beyond the food and can be found throughout this noble and welcoming establishment located on Quai des Bateliers, along the River Ill.

  • A dream and a superb restaurant

    A dream that has become reality

    A restaurant created as a tribute to the Palais Rohan on the opposite bank of the river, by Cédric Moulot.

    A man of Alsace through and through, this young 'Maître Restaurateur' spent many an afternoon here as a child, enchanted by the charms of this majestic testimonial to the lifestyle of 18th-century nobility.

    A superb restaurant that has already distinguished itself

    Imbued with this heritage and the rich culinary tradition of Strasbourg, the gastronomic restaurant 1741 was awarded a star by the Michelin® guide in 2014.

    This distinction comes as recognition of the work and passion of all those who have contributed to the restaurant's success, including Olivier Nasti, who was awarded the title 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' in 2007 while in charge of the kitchens at the Chambard in Kayserberg (2 stars in the Michelin guide) and creates the menu, and Executive Chef Guillaume Scheer.

    Michael Wagner, sommelier and General Manager of the restaurant, who carefully watches over the 12,000 bottles in the wine cellar, works alongside these two craftsmen.