Meet the team of the
1741 restaurant in Strasbourg

Guillaume Scheer

"If I were a...", by Fabien Raux

  • A VEGETABLE: Beetroot for its intense colour that always leaves its mark.
  • A SALAD: Endive or chicon, a reference to my native Calais. 
  • A SPICE: Coriander because I always found it on all my journeys.
  • A SAUCE: Périgueux sauce. Pure and full-bodied, it gives good meat great character.
  • A FRUIT: Tomato for the generosity of its flesh and its great variety.
  • A DESSERT: Tiramisu, a nod to my Italian partner.
  • AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Brandy for its powerful, structured and elegant side.
  • A SEAFOOD: Sea urchin because a delicate flesh hides beneath its hard and prickly shell.
  • A VINTAGE: 1986.
restaurant gastronomique strasbourg le 1741 

Michael Wagner

"If I were a...", by Michael Wagner

General Manager and Sommelier of the 1741, Michael Wagner creates the elegant wine and food pairings that characterise the restaurant.

This 31-year-old man from Strasbourg, who holds a CAP diploma in catering, followed his passion and made a career for himself in oenology.

With more than ten years of experience, he cut his teeth in renowned establishments such as L’Arnsbourg in Baerental and the Clairefontaine in the city of Luxembourg. Mickael was awarded the title of 'Meilleur Sommelier du Luxembourg' (Best Sommelier in Luxembourg) in 2010.

Today, he is committed to sharing his passion for a profession that is both diverse and complex.

Familiar with the history of France's various wine producers, he carefully selects the finest wines for the 1741, which he joined at the very beginning and now runs.

  • A vegetable? The radish, for its spicy side
  • A salad?A lettuce, for its simplicity and because with a good vinaigrette, it is absolutely delicious
  • A spice? Rosemary, for its strength and fragrance
  • A sauce?Morel, for its fragrance and richness when combined with cream
  • A fruit?The pineapple for its balance of sweetness and sharpness
  • A dessert?A rum baba, for its smooth and exotic side
  • An alcoholic beverage?Wine, for the emotions and sharing it creates
  • A grape variety? Pinot Noir, for its exuberance and enchanting sensuality
  • A vintage? 1945, for freedom and the honest, straightforward approach of the times

Cédric Moulot

A word from Cédric Moulot

Reality is always in part made up of a realised dream, a dream that drives you forward unconsciously but with extraordinary force, feeding your wishes and casting away all fears of danger or risk.

This unique establishment, to which we are delighted to welcome you today, was such a strong dream for me that it ended up becoming real.
I imagined it, designed it, created it, brought it into this world and named it.

In no time at all, this child has grown to become a promising adolescent, which is thanks to the perseverance of the team and thanks to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you sincerely.

Bon appétit!

Cédric Moulot - Owner