À la carte and set menus at the 1741 Restaurant

  • The cuisine

    Cuisine in keeping with the establishment

    The cusine of the 1741 strongly reflects the identity of the restaurant, which combines the richness of local traditions and 'terroir' with modern influences.

    The menu evolves with the changing of the seasons.

    The 'Fait Maison' logo is a guarantee that all dishes are made at the restaurant using raw ingredients.

    • 4 Dishes and 1 Dessert at €119
    • 6 Dishes and 1 Dessert at €139
  • Wine

    Exceptional wines

    Beneath its arched stone ceiling, the wine cellar at the 1741 is filled with fine wines carefully selected by Michael Wagner, a man of Strasbourg who was voted 'Meilleur Sommelier du Luxembourg' (Best Sommelier in Luxembourg) in 2010.

    Some 2000 wines and 12,000 bottles are perfectly stored here. The cellar boasts a singular selection that features big names as well as lesser-known natural and organic wines, sourced from wine producers from all over France.

    Some clients will be able to select the bottles they would like to taste themselves, or enjoy an aperitif at the tasting table, in a highly original setting.

    Each month, Michael Wagner, who is considered to be one of the stars of the French sommelier profession, highlights the wines of a specific producer, which he marries brilliantly with the refined dishes of the Chef.

    The cellar is not the only place where wine is kept. On the first floor, a floor-to-ceiling window displays an impressive range of vintages, with 90 bottles from the past and present.

    michael wagner portrait