1741, Michelin-starred
gastronomic restaurant
in Strasbourg

A superb gastronomic restaurant that has already distinguished itself

Imbued with this heritage and the rich culinary tradition of Strasbourg, the gastronomic restaurant 1741 was awarded a star by the Michelin® guide in 2014.

Michael Wagner, sommelier and General Manager of the restaurant, who carefully watches over the 12,000 bottles in the wine cellar, works alongside these two craftsmen.


A secluded setting with lounges and boudoirs
in the heart of Strasbourg 

A bourgeois mansion, the 1741 was structured into small apartments which, following expert renovation works, were transformed into superb and atypical Baroque lounge-boudoirs occupying three floors.

An elegant, secluded setting in which to enjoy the gastronomic cuisine served up by the restaurant's team.